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Principal Greg Isaac joined Red Rocks in the summer of 2016 and has served as an administrator and teacher for over 20 years. Mr. Isaac taught 4th, 5th and 6th grades in Denver and in England. He served as principal or assistant principal in Douglas County, Denver, and Jeffco. He enjoys hiking in winter and summer, gardening, and occasional guitar playing. Mr. Isaac writes a monthly column for our family newsletter, and the latest edition appears below. 

For new families: check out our "Family Resources" menu for the Afternoon Pick-Up procedures/Parking Lot Map

"Family Homework" Red Rocks Staff are committed to bringing "growth mindset" work to our kids. See Parts 1, 2, and 3.

Part 1: Embrace the "Power of Yet" with your kids. This 10 minute video can change your child's life for the better: Carol Dweck: The Power of Believing You Can Improve

Part 2: Praise your Kids the right way. An excellent resource: Science Says Praise Them Like This (Most Parents do the Opposite)

Part 3: The Single Most Important Ingredient for Success. A short and humorous TED Talk on delayed gratification called: "Don't Eat the Marshmallow"  

Red Rocks Reflections, Looking Back at 2017-18: 

In August we started the year by giving our teachers small cans of  “WD-40.” The story behind the name is that scientists took 40 tries to get the formula correct. As we reflect on 2017-18, we celebrate the shared commitment to constantly improve-just like those scientists.  Some highlights include recognition from CDE in earning both the John Irwin School of Excellence and the Governor’s Distinguished Growth Award.  Also, we heard numerous success stories of kids and families using the “10 Wise Ways” of “BrainWise.”   Our volunteers and parent partners are amazing. As we say goodbye to 5th and 6th grades we also say thank you to truly remarkable parents in those grades who have enriched our community.


As we look ahead to 2018-19, we will engage more deeply in the Jeffco Generations vision. Look for continued work on Genius Hour, and, I am pleased to announce some “baby steps” in launching a “STEAM Lab”  in one of the vacated 6th grade classes. We are planning a “makerspace” after school club and imagine a space to inspire our staff for future possibilities. Additionally, we will continue to engage with the  “10 Wise Ways,”  and we will our efforts to increase student growth scores in math and literacy. Our teachers are already hard at work planning for August!


In closing, events outside of our school made 2017-18 unique. We started with an eclipse in August, then welcomed a new district vision in October, engaged in safety talks after a national tragedy in February, and listened to statewide talks on education funding in April. Meanwhile, Red Rocks continued to provide a magical environment. The kids explored, painted, played, and grew up right before our eyes! As we close the year I am struck by the truly awesome responsibility and precious privilege to serve as your principal. Everyday I work with heroes, both paid and unpaid, who come to this little nook and ensure that kids have a wonderful school. So, with my deep gratitude, thank you for another fantastic year. . --Mr. I