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Current CDE Report Card
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Dear Red Rocks Elementary Families,

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) has released preliminary accountability ratings.  RRE 2017 SPF Accountability ratings are based on standardized state tests and other data the state tracks. Our school has received a preliminary rating of “Performance: Meets 95% Participation” based on our overall rating of 91.7%, up from 84.2% for spring 2016. These school performance ratings are preliminary because schools can petition CDE to reconsider if the rating does not accurately reflect the school’s overall performance. The final school ratings will not be released until January, but the media may release the ratings early due to a Colorado Open Records Act request.

Elementary and middle school ratings are based on state test scores and participation levels. High school ratings are based on state test scores plus graduation rates, dropout rates, and matriculation rates (the number of students enrolled in college or career/technical education).

I wanted to touch base with you about a few key items:

  • This rating is only one measure of our school.  It is meant to be a tool to help us see where we should focus our work, but it does not comprehensively define all that our school provides for our students.

  • This rating is primarily based on tests relatively new to us. Students have taken the CMAS test for three years, so only two years of CMAS growth have been measured. This is a snapshot, not the whole picture.

What does the state accountability rating mean to our school? The intent of the school accountability rating is to identify schools that need more support and to encourage focused improvement work.  As you know, our school has adopted a number of initiatives in recent years to help our students acquire the skills they need to be successful.  A few examples include:

  • Focusing on a growth mindset in math and literacy, where students set their own goals and reflect on their progress on a more consistent and school-wide basis.

  • Ensuring teacher clarity of lesson delivery and student articulation of their learning targets.

  • Building up our team of teachers supporting student specific instructional needs, known as “MTSS.”

I am proud of the direction our school is going, and the hard work of our students and staff. I am counting on our school community to help us keep up the momentum. Please join us for PTA meetings, give input at our school accountability meetings, volunteer, keep informed, come to school conferences and events, and talk to your child’s teachers.  Our strong school community is a key factor in student success.

If you have questions about the preliminary CDE rating, please contact me.  

Thank you for your support!


Greg Isaac,