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Principal Greg Isaac joined Red Rocks in the summer of 2016 and has served as an administrator and teacher for over 20 years. Mr. Isaac taught 4th, 5th and 6th grades in Denver and in England. He served as principal or assistant principal in Douglas County, Denver, and Jeffco. He enjoys hiking in winter and summer, gardening, and occasional guitar playing. Mr. Isaac writes a monthly column for our family newsletter, and the latest edition appears below. 

For new families: check out our "Family Resources" menu for the Afternoon Pick-Up procedures/Parking Lot Map

"Family Homework" Red Rocks Staff are committed to bringing "growth mindset" work to our kids. See Parts 1, 2, and 3.

Part 1: Embrace the "Power of Yet" with your kids. This 10 minute video can change your child's life for the better: Carol Dweck: The Power of Believing You Can Improve

Part 2: Praise your Kids the right way. An excellent resource: Science Says Praise Them Like This (Most Parents do the Opposite)

Part 3: The Single Most Important Ingredient for Success. A short and humorous TED Talk on delayed gratification called: "Don't Eat the Marshmallow"  

Red Rocks Reflections, August 2018:


Dear Red Rocks Community:


We hope this letter finds you and your family doing well. We are gearing up for another wonderful year and have some updates to share. Click here for a special video welcome to our students and an invitation to share ideas to help us grow! You can share your ideas using paper/pencil or use this link.  You can turn in any ideas on paper to the office.


Celebrating our terrific staff:   

  • Our K-5 team remains unchanged from last year. We are thrilled to welcome back such a strong group of educators.
  • Please join me in welcoming Angela Restrepo as our school psychologist. Ms. Restrepo will partner with other schools and will be at Red Rocks 3 days a week. She brings years of experience, most recently serving at Emory Elementary.  
  • Speaking of paras: thanks to our fantastic PTA support, we will continue to have funding for a full staff of paraprofessionals to serve our classrooms, lunch and playground.


Summer Highlights:

  • Construction upgrades included new roofing for our exterior classrooms and the installation of heat-reflective blinds for our 1st grade hall and Special Education room.
  • The outdoor classroom shade structure is on schedule for completion prior to our “Curriculum Night.” If all goes to plan, Mr. Isaac hopes to have a ribbon-cutting soon! While district resources have been stretched with the middle school realignment this year, we are grateful for support of Jeffco construction services and to our parents who provided financial support for this project.
  • Our amazing parent leaders and volunteers have given their time and effort this summer to kick off the year -- what a great group of parents we have! Please take time to meet our PTA and Accountability reps on August 14th.


Safety Updates:  A special point of emphasis this year will ensuring that all students have clear adult supervision in the morning prior to the start of school. Note that our morning playground supervision starts at 8:50 a.m. Only students who are supervised in either an official Red Rocks activity or those enrolled in Jeffco SAE may be on campus prior to that time. Please instruct your students to go directly to Red Rocks activities or report to a staff member and to not “linger” in the lobby or other locations. Thanks for your help in ensuring our kids are safe.


Like last year, “family dismissal dashboard signs” can be picked up during the August 14th meet and greet. If you cannot attend on the 14th, please visit the office for your family dashboard sign.  A reminder that for dismissal, hug-n-go students wait along the school by the gym and are called to the island when vehicles approach. Each family will be given 2 dashboard signs with student name info so our teachers can have your child out on the island. We need everyone to help us keep drop-off and pick-up safe and efficient.


Closing thoughts:   This summer my teens suddenly seemed closer to adulthood. I am currently teaching two of them to drive--yes two at the same time! (Deep breath) I am reminded to cherish each teaching moment and how we are preparing our little ones for bigger and better things.  Thanks for joining together to make Red Rocks special and we will see you soon!



Greg Isaac, Principal