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Principal Isaac has served as an administrator and teacher for over 20 years, including 4th, 5th and 6th grade classrooms in Denver and in England. He has served as a principal and assistant principal in Douglas County, Denver, and Jeffco. He enjoys hiking in both winter and summer, gardening, and occasionally running a school cartoon club. Mr. Isaac writes a monthly column for our family newsletter, and the latest edition appears below. 

For new families: check out our "Family Resources" menu for the Afternoon Pick-Up procedures/Parking Lot Map

"Family Homework" Red Rocks Staff are committed to bringing "growth mindset" work to our kids. See Parts 1 and 2

Part 1: Embrace the "Power of Yet" with your kids. This 10 minute video can change your child's life for the better: Carol Dweck: The Power of Believing You Can Improve

Part 2: Praise your Kids the right way. An excellent resource: Science Says Praise Them Like This (Most Parents do the Opposite)

Red Rocks Reflections, December 2018:

Dear Red Rocks Community:


As a dad with 4 kids, exploring my kids’ school backpacks was always a mysterious journey! Well, in your child’s backpack this week is a paper survey about our budget priorities for next school year. We would love to get 200 responses or more. You should know we pay careful attention to all comments and survey feedback. You can make a difference in how we plan for 2019-20.  Enjoy digging through the backpack!


Calling all future leaders!  Our students have already started sharing their fall “Genius Hour” projects. When students stand in front of classmates and deliver their expertise on a topic, they get a chance to practice the art of being an influencer, displaying mastery of content, and of course, showing personal direction in completing the project. Often the projects highlight a community need. These ideals aren’t just a part of Red Rocks, they also embody the Jeffco Generations vision. We thank all of our wonderful volunteers who support our teachers and students in this work. Who knows how many future leaders will say they started their journey as a Red Rocks Genius Raccoon?


As we close out 2018, I pause and reflect on our year. My wife often asks me about my “work,” and I remind her that this is a dream job. It isn’t just the rocks, or the deer (although those are great!). Instead of watching the news and wondering about the tragedies of our world, I get to see all of our families providing love and support every day. I see our teachers, paras and staff giving their all. I see our students laughing and playing and digging deep into learning. For the upcoming holiday season, I can’t think of a better gift! Thanks for making this such a special place.


Enjoy December! Go Raccoons! --Mr. Isaac