School Accountability Committee

Our SAC meets monthly for the 2018-19 school year and consists of our principal Mr. Isaac, teachers, parents, and community members. The SAC is responsible for making recommendations to Mr. Isaac regarding the school budget, improvement plan, and contributing to principal performance review.

In August we welcome new members, set up our roles, vision and calendar, and ensure we do personal introductions to ensure connections as a team. 

Throughout the year we use the Jeffco School Accountability Guidelines. You can find the guidelines here: Jeffco SAC Manual Under Revision

Here is our most recent School "Report Card" called the SPF or School Performance Framework:

Red Rocks Elementary 2017 SPF

Accountability Meeting Dates
and Minutes for 2018-19      

(All meetings are held at  in the Library)
  September 11

 January 9
  October 9

 February 12
Family School Partnership Survey Results
 2019-2020 Proposed Fee Sheet
  November 13
 March 12

                                           December 11
May 14, 7:45AM

 Archive 2017-2018  
 Shade Structure FAQ
   MYVH Results

Questions? Contact our chair, Melissa Martini, by calling the school office at 303-982-8063.

uestions? Contact our chair, Melissa Martini by calling the school office: 303-982-8063